Late Cancelation & No Show Policy

We understand that sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. However, childcare programs heavily rely upon Upkid teachers to provide quality care to children. With that in mind this is Upkid's policy for cancelations and now shows.

Late Cancellation

  • What is a Late Cancelation?
    • A Late Cancelation is defined as canceling a shift within 12 hours of its start time. 
    • So that means if the shift you scheduled starts at 8am on Monday, you would need to cancel before 8pm on Sunday for it not to count as a late cancelation. It is better to cancel as soon as you can as to not impact your reliability score too much.
  • What happens if I have a Late Cancelation? 
    • 1st Late Cancelation = only your reliability score decreases.
    • 2nd Late Cancelation = you will be suspended from applying to shifts on the Upkid app and you will need to contact an Upkid team member. 
  • What happens if I cancel before the Late Cancelation time?
    • There will be no penalties for doing so but your reliability score will decrease. The sooner you cancel a shift, the less your reliability score is impacted. If your reliability score is low, the only way to increase your score and chances of being hired for a shift is to show up on time for all of your shifts that you are hired for. Each time you show up on time for a scheduled shift, your reliability score will increase. 

No Show

  • What is a No Show?
    • A No Show is defined as when a teacher does not cancel and doesn’t show up for the shift they scheduled.
  • What happens if I No Show? 
    • 1st No Show = you will be suspended from applying to shift on the Upkid app. Contact an Upkid team member. 

Note: When you are suspended, you will be removed from any future shifts you have been hired for. 

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